Saturday, 4 May 2013

update: a worryingly slow and unproductive day


So today hasnt gone well for today other than a couple of words added to my dissertation nothing has really been done in progress and infact i have even more work than what i had  first thought.

so heres the updated checklist,

so yeah lets go through this, (i realise this is for my own sanity more than for an interest blog post so feel free to go look for cute kittens chasing ducks in shark outfits or whatever)

so yeah my practical is going reasonably well...(hybrids no longer included)

so i only have 2 levels in old school to represent and i have started doing the character animations today for old school and im hoping i feel more productive and motivated tomorrow and monday and should have that done for then.

which leaves me to do some transition text to slow down the pace of the timeline and inform the audience in whats going on. so if thats all done for wednesday then i'll be happy. unfortunately i wont be able to see it running on my ipad until the weekend to see it working.

Dissertation im at 5024 however i do feel like im running out of things to say in the literature review case studies and critical framework but still need to talk about my project and where it fits in and how it may address the questions raised. so hopefully going to maybe hit about 6,000 words after that and then with the conclusion and stuff added bringing me to 6,250 odd by friday or something?


as you can see i have this all thought out also got some wiggle room incase of serious dips in my productivity like today. but this when things get foggy and im unsure how and what they want for these bits...

Annotated developement sketchbook - i assume i have something of a skeleton of what could be a developement structure but i dunno what in the hell would count as the sketchbook and what is strictly PDP which is another developement module.

learning contract will prob write that out tomorrow as i am reasonably confident in what i need to do for that

the record of semester meetings i have but they may not all be printed or signed by ryan however and the one that have been printed may have been thrown out when tidying my room =/

2x bound copies of dissertation... just gonna say i can easily see me spending over 50% of my SAAS payment on these and things for my exposition and also graduation. whilst also trying to find a way to feed myself

Expo is possibly the most annoying thing on the planet right now... but yeah i shall have the stuff up for that soon im guessing i havnt really had the time to think about how im gonna show my stuff atall

presentation - should be fine if i get enough preperation in before it

PDP - in this i think i have alot of stuff to show so shouldnt be too bad however this 3x  A4 pages for personal reflection is rediculous i dunno why it needs to be so large atall as im pretty sure it would be abundantly clear in everything else =/

so yeah words cant describe how stressed i am right now and the fact ryan wont respon to my emails are making things easier

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