Friday, 10 May 2013

honours project : style 2 for old school done...

Hey guys,

So i got my internet back today so i can get to my blog posts again..

so heres level 2 of the old school style..

so yeah more detail in the trees than what was in classic, again the city has somewhat stayed the same since pretty much classic which is a shame.

so yeah thats me, pretty much done with my honours project, but as stated above theres little things around that could do with improving so i made a list of them all...


  1. planet to have less pixels
  2. stars to animate
  3. factory animation needs fixed

  1. stars animate


  1. stars animate, animation on volcano and city
  2. sort L.arm in (special animation)

Old school

  1. added animation (stars planet etc)
  2. Planet could do with some cleaning up
  3. animations in lvl2 could be slower
  4. sort left arm in special animation


  1. animations
  2. sort the planet water etc could do with another look at
  3. more fluid idle animations ( ADD MORE FRAMES YO!!)
Also transitions will need to be made for the application to slow the pace down so i am also going to add some text inbetween each style & levels to explain what is going down and slow things down a bit let people appreciate what they are looking at about it rather than just hammering through like a mad man.

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