Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Exposition: Layout Template


So we have to Hand in what we want,need and how we want our expostion corner to look for our exposition.

So this is what we have available to us to use, this is not mine I took this from the powerpoint slide of an example of what one could look like however I shall probably photoshop this to how i want mine to look.

Right now i dont really have a clue though, so heres the rules and guidelines for it,


  • Your space will be a 4ft x 4ft cubicle shared between 2 students. You will have 1 wall that will be approx 4ft wide x 7ft high each.
  • Within this space you should have the following:
    • Your project development work (sketchbooks, research)
    • Pc/Mac showing your project
    • 2D/3D work relating to your project outcome (a poster/model etc) * Poster should be minimum of A2 size.
    • Project statement (an intro to your work, what your aims and objectives were for your project, any other relevant info for a visitor who is seeing your work for the first time)
    • Business cards

- Less is more. Don’t over crowd your space with posters. Select only your best work. See examples of successful exposition spaces from last year. If you have more work that you would like to share then you can make up a portfolio book.
- Avoid cellotape, drawing pins, masking tape for hanging your work. Use only small pieces of white tac (not blue tac!) and/or dress making pins, or small panel pins.
- No hand written signs!!
- Make sure that all posters are displayed in a cohesive way, and are hanging straight!

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