Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Concept Development: New Banner, Animated.GIF

Unhappy with not getting anything done I decided to redo the banner for my blogger, not strictly honours related but it still counts as practice.

so this is the finished animated picture,

Ignoring the few mistakes and stuff it doesn't look to bad,

the text and background were done in photoshop whilst the clouds i did in graphicsgale then ported them over,
as you can see they suffered a bit when it came to upscaling them in photoshop since it likes putting anti-aliasing on everything, i will need to find a way to remedy this.

but yeah theres some pictures for you to look at to make up for the wall of text in the post earlier today, planning on making it better, animation more fluid and the clouds less blurred maybe even animated themselfs to stop them looking like just one big solid mass.

- David M

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