Thursday, 27 September 2012

Concept Development: Running Banner prt.2

Hello folks,

As you may have noticed the banner doesn't animate, and its completely beyond me why this happens to be the case the file size and frames are all 'supposedly' fine according to the specifications.

but ahwell here is how it was meant to look,

But yeah, thats me done with making blogger look pretty for now.

Posts of art will slow right now as I have focused my attention more on doing things lately than the researching but that just means you'll get to see a whole bunch of characters In preparation for our presentation in the 4th week.

Today, during our 2 hours in uni we were taught to create our jellyfish of questions and thoughts for your project this was in the attempt to discover the foundations of your question for the dreaded dissertation. Thankfully I found it rather helpful as I got more stuff down on paper, thanks with a little friendly help by Neil P and the lecturer. Which will hopefully help me when I go in to talk to Lynn in the meeting I have tomorrow.



  1. Read - Pixel Art books *
  2. Look - Games, Music Videos, Books and other mediums that use pixel art
  3. Draw - characters
  4. Animate - Basic movement in pixel art
  5. Read - Animation books
  6. Look - For other mediums that use pixel art such as Tv Shows aswell as the ones stated in task 2.
  7. Develop - My "jellyfish" and hopefully my Question.
  8. Analyse - Scott Pillgrim vs the world : the game, write down what i did/didnt like
  9. Do! - More Pixel Art.
* Pixel Art books that discuss the practice in depth are impossible to find.

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