Monday, 24 September 2012

Concept Development: Week 2, Minimalist pixel characters

So, that is us onto week 2 now our lecture was talking alot about different types of research there is out there. which made me think more about the sheer lack of materials they are of pixel art there is out there making me believe more and more that pixel art may not be a valid pursuit for my honours project, however I have a meeting with Robin so I shall atleast get an opinion from him whether I can or cannot.

Regardless I have been working away mainly with more sketches in my sketchbook/on random pieces of paper, but i have also been making these guys,

Me: at 31x12 pixels i upscaled it for this.

Below is  boxer type dude at the same pixel resolution as above

Another issue i have been having is although i wanted to do something for 4th year that was new that has interested me for a while, pixel art may be too much to learn in a little time, this recent case of pessimism may be due to my illness slowly running me down, but like i said i have a meeting with Robin so hopefully he will be able to shine some light on the situation.

David M

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