Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Concept Development: RunBanner prt.1


Today I have been playing more with animated gifs, you may ave seen my first attempt before but i decided that i could do better.

first off I had an idea in my head and sketched it out very roughly,

I decided to start it right at the most complicated part that being the running character, which eventually turned into me.

so first i drew out a rough sketch of how the character will be placed in each frame,

After i ironed out a few missed frames i then moved onto the pixel outline. then base colours and finish off with shading and detail.

ta-daa, i now have a pixelated me, tomorrow i shall be adding in the rainbow cape, if you have played bit.trip runner or have seen/heard the annoying nyan cat video then youll get the rough idea of what it will hopefully look like.

during doing this i have realised that doing a full short animation make take far longer than what i have available.

anyways, thanks for reading and check back later for more.. As a side note if you do wish to be immortalized on my blogger for ever drop me an email/comment and i shall turn you into pixels ( this is for my  background layout so that my log looks a bit different and practice)

thank you,

David M

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