Thursday, 20 September 2012

Concept Development: Introduction + Project ideas

Hi all,

This is a blog documenting what I get up to during the development stages of my honours project. Please follow and give me feedback it would help me to keep motivated and post regular updates.


Week 1 

Week one was our introduction to the year, what is expected from us now that we are in 4th year and generally making everyone panic/excited of whats to come.

Project Idea

Pixel Art and animation using sprite sheet is common practice in 2D games, however I have not seen (as yet) an animation story told using that medium and want to research into that area.


Paul Robertson is an Australian based Pixel Artist/Animator, this guys work is mind blowing and if you find something online that is made of Pixel Art then this guy is most probably the one responsible. 

Ire Vs Taito by Paul Robertson

Anamanaguchi Airbrushed (single) Cover Art by Paul Robertson

These are a few of Pauls art pieces, I am not sure exactly why they appeal to me so much, I like how over the top everything is.

other inspirations, 

Edmund McMillen

Phill Fish


However my main problem is I haven't dabbled in pixel art myself so I am planning on getting myself a new sketchbook and do some doodles and get them uploaded, asap.

My other, is that pixel art articles and such about the history and practice seem to be rather hard to come across and my project might have to change so that I will able to do some proper research.


  1. Have you not seen Kings of Power 4Billion%?

    And that's not the short film pixel animation Paul Robertson has made!

    1. thanks man going to check it out now :)