Sunday, 30 September 2012

Concept Development: Research, Research and Research


So this weekend has been focused on mainly reading into pixel art trying to get a better understanding of the medium how its done and looking into a bit of the history.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any "making of" DVDs or books for any of the more recent games that use pixel art which was thoroughly disappointing  and rather surprising since all of them were extremely popular games that were credited for their use of art.

However I did find a few forums that helped a great deal and one or two tutorials,

both these discuss pixel art in great depth giving a few dos and do nots, I dunno how credible the writers are but I am going to register to the sites and try get in contact with them.

I have also decided it would be a good idea to study into older games in the 1990s and earlier when pixel art was how art for games were produced, I plan to create a sort of timeline from the start where pixel art was popular to recent.

Also I plan to select two main characters of old Sonic and Mario and pick them apart (how many colours and pixels are used etc) I think these icons would be good to pick since they have been around so long and have evolved over time.

I have also been downloading pixel art gifs to try break them down and understand more,

Todd vegan attack by paul robertson (scott pilgrim vs the world: the game)

  • look and ready making of books/dvds of games that use pixel art, fez scott pilgrim etc. *
  • research into how pixel art is used in old consoles such as the Nes and Master System and the ones of today such as Swords and Sorcery and Fez.
  • Try and scour the internet to find forums and communities that are interested in pixel art.
  • discover the pipeline on how pixel art is made to try speed up and make life easier than the way I am using right now

  • *None seem to exist that i have found so far

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    1. Hey man, this video might interest you:

      It's a designer who worked on many of the original megaman games, in the video he talks about creating graphics under extreme limitations, and the designs he's most proud of