Saturday, 29 September 2012

Meeting with: Lynn Parker


Yesterday my internet was plagued with problems making it impossible to do anything that required it, so was unable to make this post until now.

I had another meeting today so another post consisting of text for you to read,

Today I had a meeting with Lynn to discuss my idea and thoughts on the matter. The meeting helped alot for me as she pointed out things I didn't think about, which has given me a new plan of attack in terms of research however shes glad that I am doing things which is good to know that I am still somewhat on top of things.

So here is my plan of research,

  1. look and ready making of books/dvds of games that use pixel art, fez scott pilgrim etc.
  2. research into how pixel art is used in old consoles such as the Nes and Master System and the ones of today such as Swords and Sorcery and Fez.
  3. Try and scour the internet to find forums and communities that are interested in pixel art.
  4. discover the pipeline on how pixel art is made to try speed up and make life easier than the way I am using right now
thanks for reading,

David M

Should have another post up later today discussing what I got upto today.

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