Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Meeting with: Robin Sloan

I had a rather reassuring talk with Robin today that helped calm my nerves over the lack of research i can do ( reading wise ) on pixel art and just being new to pixel art.

So we discussed since pixel art is rather scarce in research materials what parallels it has with other mediums,

  • abstract art
  • abstract films

The idea of how that the story, how it can be told and the characters thoughts and feelings are more important and can be expressed more creatively or even effectively than if you tried to tell it as close to real life as possible.

after the meeting I feel more relieved as Robin doesn't think I am behind, and the lack of a research question is good in moving forward, however I can feel one bubbling away in the back of the brain, either that its all this surplus goo that seems to be making its way out my nose and mouth.

all in all a good day in terms of finding out where I am, a bad day in the creative department though so no pictures to show today.

but shall get up more tomorrow just to make up for this, the colds finally on its way out so soon I can get back on top of things once more.

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