Sunday, 23 September 2012

Concept Development: Illness,Starbound and Meetings

Well, I have been hit by the illness that seems to be spreading across dundee recently so my work has slowed down to a snails pace, but its a Sunday so I decided that it would be ok to have somewhat of a rest and not to burn myself out, hopefully this illness will go away pronto and i can pick it back up again.

However, to my surprise i have managed to get chatting with one of the artists behind the upcoming pixel art game "starbound" he answered a couple of questions i had and was happy to help as he agrees that pixel art is hard to come by, which was nice and hes happy to keep in contact.

We also discussed my first attempt for a bit and he gave me some tips on my next effort, one of them being to start doing characters with the least amount of pixels then work up. 

so thats my work decided for tomorrow :)

anyways today I also have planned to email a few lecturers that could help me in my project so shall be doing that in 3...2...1...-

-David M

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