Saturday, 22 September 2012

Concept Development: Sketches ,Pixel Test and Problems

Well I have spent yesterday and today doing some sketches of random characters and a few pieces of fan art.

I have just finished a test, trying to use photoshop but the result was not what I had in mind atall, which has resulted in me having to research into if there is any decent programs built specifically for pixel art.

 My result with using photoshop Cs5

I had'nt used the sketches i have in my sketchbook, so i did this entirely in photoshop.

Anyways after encountering this problem I am going to research into tutorials and also going to see if i can get in contact with Paul, Edmund and Phill to see if they can help me in where to look.

I will also start to post up timelapse videos of my art pieces from start to final piece when I can get VLC to capture properly.

anyways, untill next time.

-David M

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