Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Personal Development Portfolio: Terraria Pixel art


Well I wanted to try something different this time, mixed with the want to play games but also the guilt that i should do some work.

I decided I could mix the two and maybe even learn something from it, So i chose to play terraria a 2D exploration/creation game created by Re-logic, the good thing about this is the world is made up of 2D blocks.

so i decided to create some pixel art in the game, but what to create,

Well I decided to recreate something thats already been done by some other pixel artist the reasoning behind this is maybe It would help teach me how other people do it and how they do it.

I chose this image by Paul Robertson,

Reasoning is that Paul Robertson is usually regarded as on of thee main man for pixel art and his modern stylised pixel art is the style that interests me most.

Obviously I wont recreate the full image so i just decided to do the guy with the hammer,

So first I had to scale the image down so that the pixels actually equaled 1 pixel. Then in game i had to search for the right material that would play as the outline (ash) i cut this out the timelapse as it was rather unnecessary and i wanted to keep the video to 5 minutes... heres the video:

So what did i learn beside that pixel art in terraria add an extra does of potential death?

well the thing that stuck out to me was that Pauls Pixel art has far more whats considered unclean/Jaggies than what i thought. However his lines still works this is probably something i will learn in time but it will save me alot of time in worrying about my lines.

Secondaly, it sounded rather easy to recreate something but it actually was harder than what i thought it would be. there are a few mistakes most notably the hammer. this probably due to a simple miscount.

Anyways this was more useful to me than what i first thought and im looking forward to using what i learned on my other project im doing.

anyways hope you enjoy it.


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