Monday, 7 January 2013

Update: Whats going on?

Hello again,

Well its our last full week before submission so things have started to get a bit worrying,


  • im still not 100% sure what it is the lecturers actually want handed in, and how much they expect for both modules
  • I dont know whether what i want to do meets my aim/ is enough for my honours project.
  • artistic block still seems to be taking its toll but trying to get myself back into it now

so apart from these things this is what I am planning to do,

  1. So right now i have been doing concept sketches storyboard and forming somewhat of a script for the animation i am planning to do (however due to the mentioned artist block these are not to the quality i want to submit.
  2. Pixel art representation of what i perceive as Classic, Modern and Hyper-Realism styles 

for my concept development
  1. more research into artists and styles of pixel art

  1. ethics sheet
  2. meeting with ryan
  3. sort labels for my blog, decide which module each entry are actually for.
But yeah, thanks for reading. No pictures today im afraid,

David M

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