Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Update: Start of semester 2


So first off i managed to get everything handed in for submission on time and fairly happy with what i got done. 

So, our first day back was yesterday and we had a lecture, all i can say is it looks like it is going to be a rather busy last half of the year.

but if all things go well and to plan it looks like it is going to be rather fun.

Im not sure if im allowed to post this but i got my proposal feedback a couple of weeks back aswell.


Not a brilliant mark but it is an essay and its been well established that my weakness in education has always been essays so im happy with that.

The feedback was also pretty handy and i will use what i was told to improve all my mistakes for my dissertation. My main area being my methodologies, I knew it was going to be a weak point when i submitted it but it got an MF, but I know what now needs to be fixed. will probably start drafting out my dissertation within the week. We are supposedly getting a lecture on our dissertation next monday so hopefully things are discussed about it then so i can make a start.

So after my weekend break its going to be back to work, here what i have planned...
  • More personal development work - finish PSABR fan art
  • arrange meeting with Ryan
  • sort out exposition layout and requirements
  • plan out what i want to have done for the exhibition - Showreel
  • Learning Contract

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