Monday, 14 January 2013

Pre-Production : Re-Do's


So in typical fashion today has been a day of not happy with what I have done so far and re-doing them in time for submission this Friday.

First up, Im not really happy with how my animation goes (story wise) , I like the fact that I am trying to use various different methods on the styles pixel art has but I feel it would make more sense if the pixel art grows from what it was classic to the more modernized style it has gotten now.

Also, through a personal development practice I have given myself (which i will talk about later) i decided to redo my character sketches but this time keeping pixel art in mind.

so here were my old sketches:

And here are the new ones:

I decided to make them more angular with less curves which helps and will save time.

Also through previous tests I came to realise that when it comes to 3D angular geometry works better with pixel art than smoothed curves. (thats if i choose to do th characters in 3D or not)

So for the next few days im hoping to get my story and storyboards finalized with also a few conceptualized pixel art images so you can get the general look and feel of the animation.

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