Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pre-Production Portfolio: Environment Concept


Well I think I am ready for submission, but i suddenly realised I had nothing really for the environment other than that really rough sketch.

So i started to create a 3D environment in maya so I can get a feeling as to what it will look like,

It might not look like much, truck and skyscraper were previously modeled and textured but getting pixel art into 3D is rather time consuming.

my main problem was the pavement tiles,

When you do pixel art you usually work on the smallest amount of pixels then scale up if necessary, yet for 3D you want the texture to be pretty high quality so the textures dont start to blur which means high resolution.

you cant scale down or else the lines become distorted.

So what i decided to do was export the image from maya as 2048x2048, then seperately worked on a single 16x16 tileable square and then scaled up duplicated the tiles rinse and repeat until it was 2048x2048. Deleting the parts that are needed for the road. however with 4096 pixels things begin to get sore on the eyes and a bit jarring.

but yeah, need to texture other skyscrapers and maybe put in some more things in the environment to liven it up a bit.

but yeah thats me for today and prob what I'll have for submission.

David M

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