Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pre Production Portfolio : Storybeats and Thumbnail revision


Following on from yesterday i decided to have a look at my script and thumbnails and improve them a little.

Since i want the animation to cover various different pixel art styles i thought it would make sense for it to start offwith the classic style with more contrasting colours then it grows from there to a more modern stylised approach then 3D (not 100% sure how i am going to do this part)

anyways so here are the storybeats,

  1. starts off with a baby crawling down a street (classic pixel art)
  2. as the baby grows older more pixels are added (modern)
  3. the boy starts to run and the camera rotates round the character (3D)
  4. the boy starts to get older and slows down pixels start to fall from the character and the screen as the pixel art slowly turns back to classic. Eventually all the pixels fall and disapear and thats the end

I am expecting the animation to be no more than a minute but I might accompany that with environment images etc maybe even the environment will be able to be explored using UDK but I havnt yet decided but might aswell chalk up a few concepts for that.

here are the revised thumbnails i did using the above storybeats,

Not really clear, i know but hopefully all will be clearer when i make my storyboards.

David M

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