Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pre-Production Portfolio: concept sketches & script


So today was all about trying to get myself back into the creative swing of things which resulted mainly in me drawing below par drawings of what could vaguely be described as human.

Eventually i managed to draw something that I was happy with (for now) but will probably/hopefully be improved on before submission but hear are the concepts sketches as they are now...

however obviously these are sketches and not pixel art so the pixelated equivelant of these and a better created "baby" will be up shortly.

Things to do for pre production portfolio - 18th january

  • sketches*
  • pixel art low resolution 'Classic'
  • pixel art medium resolution 'Modern'
  • Pixel art high resolution 'hyper-Realism'
  • Script*
  • Storyboard
*Completed but can do with improving before submission if time allows

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