Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pre-Production Portfolio: Concept Baby

so today i started to do some concepts of the characters in the animation i described in the previous post, i decided to go for this one as i feel its more relevant and feels more fitting to the aim. I need to script and storyboard it etc so those should come next few days.

Anyways, back to what I was doing, I was sketching out the baby, boy, young adult adult and OAP today but I was going through an artistic block and couldnt really get down what i had in my head.

The closest was the baby so i decided to move onto the pixelation of him.

the idea of the baby was he was going to be about mid range resolution 35x70 pixels.

You may notice that through creating i was trying to decide whether he would have a coloured outline or not. the reason why I chose for hime to have a black outline, was primarily to help when it came to animating him.  However this is a concept so doesnt matter too much right now

I dont think the pose reads to well however especially his hands, and i think his arm on the side on view looks like a foot. It is something i have to work on especially when 1 pixel out of place can make a significant difference.

However, I have decided to make a video analysis critique of all my timelapses so far so I can easily explain my processes, thoughts, likes and dislikes of the work I am doing. As i think i find it hard to get the point across and miss out things when i am typing.

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