Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Supervisor Meeting Diary : 01/02/13


I have finally managed to get in contact with Ryan and arranged a meeting on friday at 14:30. This semester we have to make an agenda for each meeting and take note of each meeting in a diary.

my printers broken so I am hoping this will do aswell,

Honours Project Supervisor Meeting diary

(Purpose: To provide a record of progress meetings between lecturer and student, for the computer arts honours project)

Student Name: David
Lecturer Name: Ryan
Date: 01/02/13
Page No: 1

Meeting Agenda

  1. Final Project, what do you think of my idea? Is it enough?
  2. Questionaire
  3. Critical Framework? Discuss way on how to make it more directed towards my aim.
  4. New Aim? Resurgance of pixel art solely to reminisce of the games of old or is their an often unconsidered Aesthetic Value to the digital art form?
  5. Exposition, what do I need?

Agreed Action Points:

  • Refine your ideas for the final project and send to Ryan
  • Expand critical framework but it doesnt need to be too deep

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