Saturday, 20 October 2012

Concept Development: 3D cubes pixelated

Hello quick short post for you,

So today I have decided to have another shot at pixel art in 3D after my previous failings.

So what I decided to do was start off with something simple, in this case a cube, and create pixel art textures for them I decided to choose Fez and minecraft just because they are recognizable.

I the produced tiny 16x16 pixel textures,

totty wee texture(this was created by me entirely only using minecraft as a reference)

then scaled up the file in photoshop so that it would fit the cube and my finishing result are these:

left mouse to rotate, middle to zoom in/out and right to move

for these turn arounds i used .

What I am thinking next in my practicing is to create, texture for cylinders then sepheres before maybe using pre made characters and texturing them but we shall see. Also thinking about making more cubes of older games that were around in the 80s-90s would do 70s but that would just be a plain white cube.

David M

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