Saturday, 27 October 2012

Concept Development: 3D dot game heroes, voxol editors first impressions


Well another day another blog upldoad, so what  have I been upto?

well firstly and mainly I have been worrying alot about my aim or more accurately my lack of one, I think my lack of an aim is making me worried that my practical work (the thing I felt positive about is beginning to suffer)

but moving away from that right now,

well from the wee mini pitch on thursday i got the impression that people wanted to see some 3D stuff so in preperation I have been looking into games with a pixel art style but are 3D.

Ignoring Minecraft and the millions of clones it has out there, and fez mainly because I feel like I have talked about in depth already.

Theres this,

3D Dot Game Heroes

3D Dot Game heroes, Developed by Silicon studio and released on PS3 in 2010. Game heroes uses Voxols (the 3d interpretation of pixel art) this is where the characters and environment are built up of small cubes rather than pixels. Interested in the style I went looking for Voxol editors online and came across; 

  • Sproxol
  • Qubick Constructor
  • Voxol 3D

First impressions are rather negative, the program felt rather clunky and unintuitive completely getting rid of the feeling of control it was hard to create anything that looked recognizable so have given up, I know if I read some tutorials then things might be better but I think it would still be rather infuriating.

Qubick Constructor

Was the most popular in my search but when it came to downloading my anti-virus refused to install due to threats so had to look elsewhere.


Voxol3d gives the impression of being more robust than sproxol, but also looks rather daunting to me but shall be looking up some tutorials. and hopefully be able to show something pretty to look at tomorrow.

Thats all folks,

David M

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