Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Meeting with: Robin Sloan #2

Well on monday I arranged to have a meeting with Robin to discuss a couple of things mainly just what am i going to do for research (I have arranged to also talk to lynn and Ryan but havnt got any reply)

So the meeting I found very helpful we discussed;

  • Looking into the history of game art ( there is a useful youtube channel of people discussing such things that i might find useful).
  • Very early pixel art pre. 1985 
  • Varying pixel art styles
  • pros and cons compared to things such as vector and 3d graphics
  • Gamasutra - has various entries about things that may be related
  • game studies books (introduction to game studies)
  • the aesthetics of pixel art and nostalgia 

So, after the meeting I feel like I understand what things I can research into.

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