Friday, 19 October 2012

Concept Development: 4th year mini-project part.1


So as a wee side project next to the other ones I have mentioned in previous posts, I have decided to do low pixel characters like the one of me in my profile pic for some/most/all of the people in my fourth year class i did this because I felt it would help me in my time of artist block then I dont have to think about some crazy character to draw and pixelate and just get on with pixelating some of the crazy characters I bump into at university.

Might be able to spice up my blog a little bit more in the end...

From left: me, Alastair Low, Angie Mulligan, Rory Jobson, George Johnston, Robin Griffiths

If you are wondering "why in the devil am I waring that?" then its because I either A. Drew what I usually see you in either at uni (George) or at the flat (Al & Angie ) or B. used your profile pic (Rory & Robin).

so thats six of my fellow uni peers done rest to follow when I have the time/bored/taking a break from a more "important" project.

so thats the end of my spree of blog updates, until tomorrow, thats me done for today.

David M