Thursday, 25 October 2012

Concept Development: chammy texture test, mini-pitch and thoughts.

Hello folks,

Well today has been rather interesting, for our class today we were to show our practical stuff show people what we have done since our presentation.

So, people seemed to like my stuff which is good generally got given ideas of what I already had bubbling away in my head but its good hearing it from other people.

Lynn also pointed out Abstraction through pixel art, which is interested because I was thinking my project could be based on abstractism. anyways the tests and thoughts had led to more of a breakthrough...

Why choose pixel art, why do i like it?

my usual response to these FAQs was "because its awesome and cool" which isnt exactly something i should put in my dissertation/project proposal, thing was that i never really thought about it in any great depth but it randomly jumped into my head when i was doing my texture test for chammy.

what i came up with are, 
"how you can make things look more detailed and more complex just with adding a few pixels" which leads onto...

 "you are in complete control there isn't any computer trickery and since you have been adding things pixel by pixel and controlling the image in this way you have complete ownership, people can ask how you did that and you can answer exactly? without being told "oh i used a filter or copied a tutorial"

so now onto the chammy texture so here he is, 

i think the armor (the purply stuff) looks pretty good, chammy is like a mash-up of animal his skin(green) an tongue came from a chameleon, his lower jaw a whale, his vail from a bat wing and his armoured skin from a crocodile.

I used these as they all had different textures, he looks detailed but lets take a closer look, 

as the pixels become more clear the detail begins to go away however certain textures such as the armour/eye retain the texture however the skin doesn't this is because i used a pixel art technique called "dithering" this technique is effective further away because the human eye cant pick out the individual pixels so they colours begin to blur, when I zoom in the pixels are clearer so the blurring technique no longer works.

I shall do the full animation of him at a later date but i feel I have more important media tests and project related things to do right now but i shall keep coming back to him every now and then.

anyways until next time,

David M

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