Sunday, 28 October 2012

Concept Development: Fez notes, 3D Dot Game Heroes Editor


Well today I got my new 360 ( which i got because i a. really wanted one and b. i can justify it because it has alot of pixel art based games in the indie market and also always wanted to have a shot with fez)

So I decided to play fez and take notes on its looks and trying to see how the environment is made. first off, my initial response was the somewhat limited response of "wow!" I think its the cleanliness and crisp colours the characters are rather simple in their design but suit the pixel style.

10 minutes in the game gives you a fez this fez has the power to unlock the third dimensions, You would never have thought this game was 3D until this point, it looks like a well polished 2D game beforehand.

Now on the technicality side of things, you may have remembered the fez block i did a couple of posts back and how I wasn't sure in how the geometry was done, if it was modelled or just using a bump/normal map to give the illusion. In close inspection it would appear that most if not all the geometry is modeled.

Thats how far I got before having to go make dinner but I will keep updating this posts when I make more notes.

After, coming back from dinner I had a look into 3D dot game heroes as Alastair reminded me that it had a Voxol editor to create characters in game.

here it is on show:

This was a rather poor attempt at trying to do a voxol version as my profile pic.

what have I learned?

Well most importantly that doing voxol art is a whole new kettle of fish than pixel art and if I want to do any more on that then i would need to look into tutorials. Unfortunately I do not think I have the time with us now on our 7th week. 

Other than that Its been rather quiet been trying to do more personal proposal stuff but I feel like im stuck in a rutt with that. Need to find my motivation that has seemed to have dwindled off recently hoping that either lynn, robin or Ryan will get back to my email about a meeting this week so I can hopefully settle my nerves about my position.

Thats me for now,

David M

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