Thursday, 18 October 2012

Personal Development Portfolio: Ctrl + W and some more work


well I am panicking a bit, not really sure what I am doing seems like I have too much going about my head right now and being ill isnt helping.

however I have another meeting with lynn tomorrow so hoepfully can settle some nerves then.

anyways, the passed couple of days I have been working on some more pixel art stuff,

Started off with this picture, 

My plan was to have a short animated Gif wind blowing the hair etc but I somehow managed to press Ctrl W instead of E unknowingly to me that is a shortcut to close the window losing my hours worth of work and putting me back to the beginning so I decided to leave it for now and get back to it when I feel less drugged up in medicine.

however I did decide to start something fresh and came up with this guy,

the idol frame looks a bit odd right now but i shall get round to it tomorrow.

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