Friday, 19 October 2012

Meeting with: Lynn Parker #3

Hello again,

Well it turns out my worries I had in the previous post were all in my head and im back to feeling like I am on track which is good.

So here is what we talked about,

  • For 3D pixel art my UV textures have to be spot on so practice that. might start this next week as I feel I still have things 2D to do
  • look into the indie game movie take note of things I find important to pixel art so mainly Phill fish and his motivations
  • research into cubism and pointilism and try and recognize any similarities they have when compared to pixel art
  • look into the area of aesthetics
  • look into the area of nostalgia read reviews on games that use pixel art and discover where the game gets its merit from. 

What do i have planned for today then?

  1. I want to do more low pixel stuff, so was planning on doing people from my course so shall do 3 or 4 today ( then I dont have to constantly draw sketches of characters that I make up dont want to use up all my ideas on media tests.
  2. watch the indie game movie and take notes!
  3. loook for books on cubism, pointilism and art theory
  4. read reviews and take quotes of what the reviewer makes on the games graphic style.

David M

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