Monday, 8 October 2012

Personal Development Portfolio: pixel art timelapse


Well this is the beginning of week 4 and preparation for presentation is well under way, so what have I been up to today...

Well firstly I had another attempt in looking for literature to research into, unfortunately couldn't find anything of interest finding it really hard to know where to look and what to look for.

I joined a pixel art forum called and posted up a post to see if any of these guys would know anything, unfortunately they responded with a rather negative,

"Honestly I doubt you'll find anything. I don't mean to be discouraging but I've never seen, heard of, or expected any academic material on pixel art."


I have an idea pixel art draws parallels with alot of other traditional art and its theories so i think i should look for books on them instead

also, because I was unhappy with the work I did, I decided to take a timelapse video of the 
pipeline i go through to produce my work, had to condense a 2hour and 45 mins down to just 10mins but its still rather cool to look back on.

anyways it is rendering as i type this so i shall discuss some things, 

after reading derek yus tutorial again and looking at his animated pipeline:

lucha evolution by Derek Yu

I decided to do one myself:

That doesnt show my entire process if you want to see an in depth video heres my timelapse  it is about 10mins long so put on some tunes or something:

here is stills of the finished dude,

So yeah i think what i ended up with was rather good piece, reduced the amount of abnormal lines "jaggies" and kept my colours down too 10..

however hes not perfect but definitely an improvement from even my last piece "devil" i posted earlier. going to make more timelapses as they help me see my technique, what I am doing right but more importantly what I am doing wrong.

David M

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