Sunday, 7 October 2012

Presentation: introduction


Well tomorrow will be our 4th week and that means preparation for presentation is underway my presentation is on the 11th Thursday at 2:30pm, looking forward to getting some feedback and hopefully some help.

Anyways in preparation we have given a list of helpful guidelines we need to talk about for the presentation these are:

Intro: discuss what your area of research is,

Project based on Pixel art


the industry of games and film are falling into the same artistic style games are heavy realistic focus, whilst animation are all trying to adopt the pixar look, I chosen pixel art as it has been forgotten although there are a few people out there that still use it and the characters even environments have personality that appears to be lost.
Attempt to produce 3D work that use pixel art as inspiration

What I am looking at?
Examples of pixel art (mainly games)
art by Paul Robertson
art by derek Yu
and lots and lots of tutorials

Explain your thoughts

  • Pixel art seems to get most of its appeal through nostalgia
  • but it still has artistic merit however might be hard to get people interested in it who havnt grown up with games especially if i try to seperate the two
  • A pixel art animation done entirely on my own will be way to much work even in a year
  • Enjoying doing pixel art alot
  • although the books to research are rather limited pixel art does have a very ethusiastic and dedicated community


  • low pixel work
  • high pixel work
  • looking into the history of pixel art
  • animation
  • attempted 3D (failed)
  • sketches some original by me some fan art
  • life drawing classes to help improve my drawing technique

Whats next?

Pin point what my research question asap
 improve my pixel art
make my work more efficient
get on to making 3D pixel art work

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