Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Concept Development: More reading


Well I have been trying to read more and more, stuff on pixel art and I feel I am actually getting places with help from (Tom and Angie) I have found a few videos and books that helped me, so thanks for that.

Now you'll be glad to hear that the following posts will be more practiced based work I have a few ideas that I want to do to help get me going;

  • characters from low pixel count through to high this should help me use my pixels more effectively as I give myself restrictions
  • Use the different two different techniques blocking in rough colours of objects, going over each time adding in more and more detail
  • model a landscape in 3D then texture it using the same principles as i have done before

On a side note I am starting life drawing classes as I feel it will help improve my character sketches and in the end let me show more impressive pixel art.

anyways here are the links to tutorial etc that i have been reading recently,

To end off this post i shall give you another animated gif by Paul Robertson,

there you go,

David M

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