Friday, 12 October 2012

Presentation: Reflection


Well this entry is just my looking back on the presentation reflecting on what i got right/wrong and also about the feedback from the lecturers.

First off, the bad

Unfortunately although I have improved after each pitch i have done throughout my academics I still suffer from stage fright, however I do felt like I talked more clearly and confidently about my actual work but my determination of not trying to look at my notes may have made me run through the presentation part a bit too quickly, however I do felt I managed to say the main points, I also said a forbidden word answering Ryans question of "because its cool" however I did state prior that the reason i chose pixel art was because " Firstly I chosen it because I have always been interested in it and that the popularity of games such as minecraft prove that there is a lot of people out there that are interested in it aswell, also the fact that there is a lack of books and journals makes me want to explore it more"

lastly, the good

Well I think the lecturers enjoyed my timelapse and media tests showing them what has gone wrong and what has gone right. which is definitely a boost to the confidence.

However they feel like my objective on pixel art could change focusing on that more than trying to bring it to 3D. which I am quite taken back by the ethusiasm towards my project making me think that 3D pixel art might not be as important as i first thought?

anyways thats my thoughts so far I will keep adding things about the pitch when I remember them in the update section below.

Lastly, I will post up the slides of my presentation for everyone to read and give feedback to tomorrow.

thanks for reading,

David M

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