Friday, 19 October 2012

Concept Development: Yuriy Gusev


This and the previous post were supposed to be together but it was getting rather long so thought it should be split into two.

Realism In Pixel Art

So through my research into Minecraft and the thought of it losing some of its pixel art character through trying to be realistic I decided to search into realistic Pixel art. 

I stumbled onto this guys website Yuriy Gusev website and was blown away by his work:

I have to say when I seen these my jaw dropped in amazement "surely that cant be pixel art" i muttered to myself..

Each of his work is super detailed but also full of the cartoony character that pixel art has look closely and you can see the trademark pixel art lines and the dithering used to created effective gradiant effects by hand. I really have to look into this guy more.

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