Saturday, 20 October 2012

Concept Development: 4th year mini project Part.2, trip to the library

Hello, so last post for today.

Well after the cube test me and angie decided to take a trip to the library to get some books, I found some that I wanted and couldn't find others.

  • Art in theory 1900-1990, big book I am hoping it might have a few useful quotes a book this big should do surely!
  • Designing Arcade computer games and graphics just found this in the library looks like it might be useful has a few tutorials that talk about pixel art techniques.
  • Aesthetic theory, with a name like that its bound to say something useful about aesthetics.
  • Primitivism, Cubism, Abstraction. I am hoping that since pixel art has links to traditional art that cubism may give me a couble of ideas behind both the art style.
  • Cubism and its histories same reason as above  

books i didnt manage to get were:

  • Key themes in media theory
  • An introduction to game studies
  • Aesthetic theory and the video game

So yeah, will probably be reading these for most of tomorrow, and hopefully get down some stuff for my personal proposal.

but moving onto my project...

So I have done more fellow uni compadres,

Top from left: Ritatsu, Lynn, Neil, Adam, Eilis
Bottom from left: Dan, Nikita, Ceren, Stuart

The same rules apply to you guys as the group before.

With 15 people I have started to make a start on the actual final thing ( the tileable background for my blogger)

so heres the tile on its own,

each person has atleast 2 duplicates

and thats me done for today....

David M


  1. Replies
    1. haha thanks alot, glad people like it :D ... the screenshot of my desktop does not do it justice

  2. I was just about to comment how much I love Ceren's one. She beat me to it! Really good job though. Also your blog background makes me dizzy.