Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Meeting with: Lynn Parker #2

Hello, short entry but there will be another presentation post up later on

Well this morning I met with Lynn, with my presentation tomorrow that is what we focused on. I am not good with talking in front of people so this year I wanted to go in prepared if i know what I am talking about it should alleviate some nerves.

So I showed her what I have done, what gone wrong what I have researched and what I need to do next.

The feedback I recieved was good and Lynn seemed pleased about where abouts I am, which has given me a boost in confidence.

Since I shall be posting up my presentation soon, I shall keep this as the notes I took during the meeting:

  • Pixel art brief info
  • people are doing it a very large following
  • Minecraft and Fez what they have right what they have wrong
  • why my project will help
  • what i have done
  • what has gone right
  • what has gone wrong
  • what i am doing next
Thats all I took during the meeting, full presentation will be posted up later

David M

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