Monday, 22 October 2012

concept development: 4th year mini project COMPLETE!


Well you may have noticed but my bloggers background has changed so yeah thats everyone that wanted to take part + others

so this was the last line up;

from left : kayleigh, wally,indy, mario, daft, punk and generic dude

so heres the finished tile,

The reason why I did this method and how it benefited me is that the more limited the pixels you use the cleverer you have to be in the placement of each to get the necessary detail. however i did take a few shortcuts to make things quicker as i didnt want to spend too much time in doing this.

  • everyones outline is based off of 3 characters : Me, Rory or Angie
  • each character has atleast 6 copies apart from wally indy mario daft and punk who only have 1 per tile
So overall I did 22 unique low pixel characters so I think I am sorted in that side of pixel art for a while anyways going to finish off the chammy and woman and the moon images next and experiment in 3D stuff.

I have started my personal proposal but havnt gotten far since i appear to need to know what my Aim is to do any decent amount for it, despite what the lecturers keep saying =/

ahwells, until next time!

David M

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